Abd Karim Ali Obituary, Singaporean Worker’s Sea Death Spurs Safety Recommendations for Industry

Abd Karim Ali Obituary, Death – The tragic incident involving Mr. Abd Karim Ali serves as a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety and the need for comprehensive safety measures in the maritime industry. The findings of State Coroner Adam Nakhoda highlight several crucial factors that contributed to Mr. Karim’s untimely demise and emphasize the urgent need for improvements to prevent similar accidents in the future.

One of the key recommendations put forth is the implementation of pre-transfer briefings for workers. These briefings would ensure that employees are adequately informed about the safe methods of transfer, potential on-site hazards, and the proper usage of personal protective equipment. By providing workers with this vital information, companies can empower them to make informed decisions and reduce the risks associated with vessel transfers.

Moreover, the alert issued by the Workplace Safety and Health Council emphasizes that vessel transfers should not take place under unfavorable weather or sea conditions, during extensive vessel movement, or when individuals feel unwell or perceive the situation as unsafe. These guidelines underscore the need for heightened situational awareness and responsible decision-making to prioritize employee safety above all else.

The recommendation to pack belongings, loose items, and equipment into separate bags for transfer is a practical measure to minimize the risk of accidents caused by items becoming dislodged or obstructing movement. This simple practice can significantly reduce the likelihood of trips, slips, or falls during vessel transfers.

Furthermore, the proposal to have a deckhand on the service boat and a gangway watch on the vessel to supervise and assist workers during transfers is a proactive step towards enhancing safety. These dedicated personnel would not only ensure the smooth execution of transfers but also be responsible for activating emergency response and rescue procedures when necessary. Their presence would provide an additional layer of protection and support to workers, enhancing their overall safety and well-being.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s recommendation to use life jackets that meet specific safety standards is crucial in preventing tragedies like Mr. Karim’s drowning. Life jackets should be of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) type-approved or ISO12402 standards, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. Regular checks should be conducted to ensure that the life jackets are in good condition and ready for immediate use.

In conclusion, the unfortunate incident involving Mr. Karim highlights the need for continuous improvement in safety protocols and practices within the maritime industry. The safety recommendations put forth by various authorities provide a comprehensive framework to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. It is essential for employers, employees, and regulatory bodies to work collaboratively to ensure that these recommendations are implemented effectively, thereby fostering a safer working environment for all maritime workers. Only through a collective commitment to safety can we prevent such tragic incidents and safeguard the lives of those who work at sea.

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