Adam Kokas Obituary Ridgefield CT, Adam Kokas Has Passed Away

Adam Kokas Obituary, Death  –On Thursday, Adam Kokas, who oversaw the administration of the Wayne State University Law School’s most substantial scholarship fund in its long history, passed away. He was 56. Mr. Kokas had complications from a heart attack and passed away at Beaumont Hospital while his wife, Jeanne Stevenson, and his parish priest were at his bedside. Throughout his career, Mr. Kokas found himself in positions of prominence, the most recent of which was his work with the Carl Ziemba Scholarship Trust Fund. However, he is most recognized for his efforts in the past. At the age of 18, he entered politics, becoming the youngest person in the history of Dearborn to ever run for a seat on the School Board.

At the age of 21, he competed for a seat in the state legislature, where he unsuccessfully challenged an incumbent who had served for 30 years in the democratic primary. Additionally, he worked as an assistant for U.S. Representative John Dingell. In his public life, Bill was not afraid to take risks or question the established order. Adam was hired by Paine Weber, a stock brokerage business, immediately after he graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn because of the firm’s ability to capitalize on his engaging personality at an early age.

After that, he made rapid advancements within the company, eventually becoming the primary instructor of newly hired young brokers for the Paine Weber system, which operates in both Houston and New York. After that, he worked his way up through the ranks at a number of different brokerage firms, eventually reaching the position of Executive Vice President at First of Michigan, a regional brokerage business, before retiring from the financial services sector. After leaving the financial services industry, Adam started his own firm in an effort to carry on the traditions established by his late father, Gus Kokas, owner of Dearborn’s Chambertin Restaurant.

The formula for a spice blend that may be used on steaks as well as seafood was passed down to Mr. Kokas’s son. Adam bottled the spice and distributed it to food stores in the Detroit metropolitan area under the brand name Gus Kokas’ “Dash of Detroit.” When he passed away, he was still actively involved with Dash of Detroit, but his deteriorating health prevented him from expanding the company to the extent that he had hoped. Adam frequently stated that life got better when he finished his job because, at the age of 52, he was finally able to marry his lifelong fiancée, Jeanne Stevenson, whom he had known since their high school days.

Friends claim that Jeanne and Bill’s marriage produced a link that was delightful to be around since they both seemed happy than they had ever been. Jeanne’s natural reserve and Bill’s larger-the-life attitude contributed to the formation of this bond. Adam was known for his selflessness, as he shared his possessions and helped those in need to the best of his ability.

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