Agostino Fabbri Obituary, of Brownston, Michigan Agostino Fabbri Has Sadly Passed Away

Agostino Fabbri Death, Obituary – Agostino Fabbri, age 80, of Brownston, Michigan and San Marino, Italy, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner on July 12, 2023. He was surrounded by his family at the time of his passing. Delia cherished having him as her devoted husband by her side. I write this with a sad heart and with so many beloved memories of my brother-in-law Agostino Fabbri that I wanted to share with you. I wanted to share with you because I want you to know how much he meant to me.

I will never forget your one-of-a-kind laugh and comic one-liners that you delivered with an eyebrow raised…however, I will always appreciate your distinct Italian accent whenever you asked me how my favorite sister-in-law was doing everytime we spoke or saw each other. I will always treasure that. “Hey, how are you, my most favorite sister-in-law?”

Thank you for always involving me on your family outings when I was a tiny kid, for buying me my first set of contact lenses to replace my coke bottle thick glasses, for providing my boyfriend a job in construction so that my parents would stop calling him a bum, and for a million other things!LOL (even though it didn’t work)…thank you for selling me my very first automobile (a small green Fiat)…thank you for relocating me out of my parents’ house every time I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I am grateful to you for everything.LOL…for coming to visit my family on the occasion of my father’s 90th birthday…for arranging to meet me at the hospital window of my son Junior…for being so funny!You were the one person in my life that I knew I could depend on no matter what else was going on in my life.

Tino, may you finally find the tranquility you’ve been seeking!!! You are going to be in our thoughts and prayers!!! Love, Your Favorite Sister-in-Law..

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