Alaina Dildine Obituary, Alaina Dildine Has Passed Away

Alaina Dildine Obituary, Death – The family of Alaina Dildine, the Whiteland Community High School student who passed away after having a seizure and drowning in the school pool, is commenting on the decision of the Johnson County prosecutor not to press charges against school staff. Dildine passed away in the pool at the school. “The Dildine family is upset, but they understand the prosecutor’s decision not to bring any criminal charges against the lifeguard and the P.E. instructor who were there when Alaina drowned. “”The Dildine family is dissatisfied.

However, this judgment does not release them or the school from duty,” an attorney named Stephen Wagner of the firm Wagner Reese LLP stated after the prosecutor revealed his decision on Monday. Wagner is the one representing the family in this conversation. He claims that her family is doing their best to control their anger while calling for changes to be made to the pool’s safety standards and requesting for disciplinary action to be taken against the instructor who was meant to be observing the 15-year-old.

According to the attorney, the school district terminated the lifeguard’s employment. In addition to that, he suggests that legal action may be forthcoming. On May 16, at 9:37 in the morning, Dildine’s swimming lessons started, as reported by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. The instructor for the students’ physical education class was standing nearby as they were in the pool. Dildine fell under the water at 10:18 in the morning, while the rest of her students continued to swim around the pool.

After another fifteen minutes or so, the lesson came to a close, and the pupils exited the pool. Dildine went unnoticed by everyone. The following group of students approached the pool area just before eleven in the morning. At 11:10 a.m., the attention of another student was drawn to Dildine. Dildine was taken from the water by a teacher who teaches physical education, and CPR was attempted on her. According to the information provided by the sheriff’s office, Dildine was pronounced dead at 11:47 a.m. after her body lay undiscovered for about 52 minutes.

The Wagner family remembers Dildine as a kind and kind young lady who took pleasure in offering assistance to those in need. “She had the ambition of running for the office of President of the United States. That was a clear objective that she had articulated, but she was also a shining example. According to him, the family “understood that this is not a situation where there would usually be criminal charges, so I think they’ve come to terms with that and appreciate the thorough investigation from the Sheriff’s Department.”

According to Wagner, the physical education instructor and the lifeguard took attendance at the beginning of class; however, they were not obligated to count pupils once they had left the pool. Provisions need to be made during the supervision of children for disabled youngsters like Alaina. They need to be maintained in closer proximity to the instructor. According to her care plan, she was supposed to do that. “There are other ways, and different national epileptic associations talk about perhaps a different colored swimming cap for someone with epilepsy who would be in a pool,” said Wagner. “[T]here are also medications that can be used.”

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this won’t turn out to be the kind of circumstance that calls for that kind of solution. The Dildines are eager to collaborate with the school in the development of these ideas to make the campus a more secure environment. According to Wagner, Dildine viewed raising awareness about epilepsy as her personal purpose in life. This endeavor is now being carried on by her family.

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