Amy Breyer Murder, Wisconsin, USA Tragic Anniversary: Remembering Amy

Amy Breyer Murder – The 32nd anniversary of the tragic assault and homicide of Amy Breyer, which occurred in Fox Crossing (formerly Town of Menasha), was recently marked by the local police department. The identity of the perpetrator, who is currently serving a life sentence, will not be mentioned. The community came together on social media to remember Amy and express their sorrow over the devastating event.

Kathy Hales, who was working at the TMPD at the time, recalled the morning of the incident when a thunderstorm took out the lights, leaving her sitting in the dark and typing reports while crying and praying for Amy’s family. The memories of that day still feel fresh for many individuals.

Kelly Dartsch, Amy’s cousin, shared how the tragedy shaped her life, stating that she thinks about Amy constantly and finds it difficult to talk about her without getting emotional. Paula Brown Hella expressed her gratitude for remembering Amy in a public forum, emphasizing that many people still carry her memory in their hearts.

Numerous others commented to express their remembrance and love for Amy. Jolene Estreen assured that Amy would always be remembered, and Marie Balistriere wished for her to rest peacefully as an angel. Gina L Paul shared a personal safety measure she took in response to the tragedy, putting bells on her windows to ensure that she and her dog would wake up if anyone tried to enter. The impact of the event on the community was evident in the heartfelt comments left by Mary Ellen Tracey, Dennis Perschbacher, Steve Malchow, and others.

Jackie Drawenek Gould mentioned that the incident occurred down the road from her house, emphasizing the proximity and the sadness associated with it. Gail Bottine expressed her sympathy for the young girl and her parents, acknowledging that the memory of the event is still vivid. Carla Gibbons and Ginny Koeppl also shared their sadness and stated that they would never forget the tragedy.

The Fox Crossing Police Department’s post served as a platform for the community to come together, remember Amy Breyer, and honor her memory. The comments left by individuals demonstrate the lasting impact this case had on the community, highlighting the need for compassion, support, and remembrance in the face of such devastating events.

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