Andrew McMullon Obituary, Andrew McMullon Funeral Notice

Andrew McMullon Obituary, Death – All of us who are currently present here are overcompensated with grief as a direct result of the news that our esteemed chaplain, Andrew McMullon, passed away in an unfortunate manner the previous week. Andrew was a tremendous help to Talbot House by serving as a padre for several of the ceremonies that took place in our Upper Room during the World Chain of Light event. This event took place here at Talbot House. He frequented this place on a very consistent basis and was there for the vast majority of the concerts and other events that we organized here.

Everyone in the house, including the members of the family, considered him to be and continue to consider him to be a very good friend. At this time, we are keeping all of Andrew’s close friends, as well as his family and Gina, who just recently became his wife, in our thoughts and prayers. Additionally, we are remembering Andrew’s family members in our thoughts and prayers as well. In the early days of the Western Dales Mission Community, Reverend Andy McMullon played a critical part in its establishment. Between the years of 2013 and 2020,

he was the incumbent of the role of Vicar of Sedbergh and Lune, and he performed his duties in that capacity during the aforementioned time period. Any anyone who would like to leave a message can do so by responding to this message, which is the appropriate manner to do so. We have opened up access to this website for anybody who knew Andy so that they can share their memories of him and their sympathies with his family, friends, and loved ones who have just experienced a loss. We hope that this will help bring some comfort to those who have recently experienced a loss.

You have the opportunity to express your gratitude to a specific individual by putting your thoughts into the space labeled “comments” below. If you would want to do so, please do so. Jeannie, his wife, and their children Sarah, Rebekah, Daniel, and Rachel were the only ones who made it through the ordeal of his departure alive. No one else did. He was the only member of their comparatively tiny family.

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