Andrew Proehl Motorcycle Accident, Golden Colorado Andrew Proehl Has Died

Andrew Proehl Obituary, Death – After seven trying years, I’ve finally reached a goal of which I can be fairly pleased with myself. When I was a young adult, I graduated from high school with very little sense of purpose or direction. I did not have much success in school, and I did not see a clear route to improvement. A little over six months of that time was spent by me working as nighttime labor at a warehouse. During that brief time span, I gained a lot of insight into what it takes to put in a lot of effort.

at addition to that, I learned a lot about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life at that warehouse. I ended up attending a community college for two and a half years, during which time I became acquainted with some of the most fascinating people in the history of the world. After that, I attended the University of Central Missouri for the next three and a half years to receive my Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. At this point, three months had passed since the beginning of the epidemic, and I was faced with yet another monumental choice.

I made the decision to further my education by enrolling in the Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management program at UCM. On Friday, the 6th of May, I finished that program. From just about keeping my head above water and frequently sinking below the surface, to having both of my feet firmly planted on ground. From aimlessly roaming with no sense of direction or purpose, to confidently pursuing a route that I selected for myself I went from idly wandering to being able to determine my own track. From not knowing if I’d ever have an impact at all, let alone a good one, to being aware that I make a positive influence on dozens, if not hundreds, of people each day and week, I went from not knowing if I’d ever make an impact at all.

I have experienced the darkest depths of despair. I have experienced the low points. I’ve experienced what it’s like to be in a dark tunnel with no way out. It would be an understatement at best to suggest that this summit has a dreamlike quality to it. The conclusion of this event signals the end of a memorable chapter in my life that I am not only pleased with, but also enthusiastic about the opportunity to relive. The turning of this page brings mixed emotions, but I will never forget the people I’ve met, the lives I’ve lived, the chances I’ve been given, and the lessons I’ve picked up along the way. Cheers to the upcoming weeks in the Centennial State!

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