Anna Hailey Obituary, Anna Hailey and Her Husband Has Reportedly Died

Anna Hailey Death, Obituary – Their identities were made public in a statement released by the Shiner Police Department, which identified them as Anna Marie Hailey, age 45, and her husband, Roderick Earl Hailey, age 52.

At 1:19 p.m. on Tuesday, law enforcement authorities were dispatched to the 900 block of St. Ludmila Street after receiving a report of gunfire in the vicinity. After entering the house, the officers were able to locate the pair and bring them in for questioning. Both of the victims had been shot in the head, which ultimately led to their deaths.

According to the reports made by the police, the couple’s youngest child was there in the house at the time that the incident took place. According to Micah Harmon, the sheriff of Lavaca County, Texas, the police department in Lavaca County was investigating a probable murder-suicide on Tuesday. This information was provided by the sheriff of Lavaca County.

According to Harmon, he was unable to provide evidence to support the hypothesis that the deaths that happened on St. Ludmila Street were the result of a murder-suicide. In response to questions about the facts of the shooting, the police have declined to comment, citing the fact that the investigation into the incident is still in progress.

The Haileys were said to be polite and quiet neighbors who would smile and wave to everyone passing by, according to the neighborhood’s testimony. The deaths are said to have put a damper on proceedings in the neighborhood as a whole, and the melancholy felt by local homeowners is a direct result of this sentiment.


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