Bayonne Shooting, Bayonne Cops Arrest Man Shooting Near Gas Station Parking

Bayonne Shooting – A guy was taken into custody on Thursday morning in New Jersey after an allegation of a robbery at a gas station led to a chaotic chase and resulted in a shootout involving the police. A complaint of a robbery at a gas station prompted the police to investigate a nearby Quick Check on East 53rd Street at around 7 a.m., where they believe the crime began.

Eyewitness News was told by an employee of a gas station that a customer went to the station to fill up his gas tank, indicated that he would pay with cash, and then reportedly drove off without paying. The attendant, Gabe Escobar, described the conversation as follows: “He’s like ‘alright buddy have a good day, thank you, good looking,’ and then of course I’m like are you going to pay me, and he just drives off,” Escobar said.

The individual of interest was identified by cops who responded to the call in a parking lot close to Broadway and 54th Street. Officials said that after being confronted by law enforcement, the suspect fled the area in his car, during which he collided with two unoccupied civilian vehicles and two police vehicles. Escobar said that the car violated a red light, and law enforcement officers were pursuing the vehicle when they heard the sound of gunfire near a Burger King.

At the very least, four rounds were fired. You know, shooting noises, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. I said, “Oh, my God, what in the world is that?” Then my spouse said, “That sounds like a gunshot!” Shirley Johnson Hall, a witness, exclaimed, “That was a gunshot!” after hearing the sound. During his attempt to get away from the police, witnesses informed Eyewitness News that they observed the man intentionally crash into other vehicles.

According to the officials, one of the officers involved in the incident discharged his firearm. A short time later, the injured guy was found in Jersey City near the intersection of Linden Avenue and Scott Street. It appeared that he had been shot. After being brought into custody, he is being treated at Jersey City Medical Center for injuries that are not deemed to be life-threatening. He was transported there.

As a result of the chaotic morning, a Bayonne Police cruiser had to be taken away. The investigation into the event is being conducted by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

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