Betsy McCormick Obituary, University of Tulsa mourns the death Betsy McCormick

Betsy McCormick Obituary, Death – Betsy McCormick, a lecturer at the University of Tulsa, passed away on Friday, and the institution is in a state of mourning as a result of her passing. When Betsy started working at the University of Tulsa College of Law in 2005, she immediately became a member of the teaching staff at that institution. During her time there, she was in charge of founding and directing the Immigrant Rights Project, which is a clinical education program for law schools in which law students represent clients who have immigration difficulties.

During her tenure there, she was responsible for establishing and leading the program. Betsy’s career at the College of Law began in 2008 when she was hired on as the head of various clinical education programs. In 2015, she was moved to the post of associate dean for experiential learning after having served in that capacity since 2008. Since 2008, when she first acquired the job of director of clinical education programs, Betsy had been working in the field of clinical education. She was given the title of assistant dean for academic affairs in the year 2020, and then the following year, in 2021,

she was given the title of interim dean of the College of Law. Both of these promotions took place in the year 2020. Betsy was a professor at the Immigrant Rights Project, where she instructed students in the subject areas of Immigration Law, International Refugee and Asylum Law, and Professional Responsibility. She was also an instructor at a different university, where she was in charge of teaching Professional Responsibility to the student body. She held this post simultaneously.

She was a legal educator for a significant portion of her career, and she spent most of that time working for the College of Law, more specifically for the clinical education department. The TU community will experience a great sense of loss upon her departure due to the consistent devotion she has shown to these areas throughout her time there. Our thoughts and prayers are with Betsy’s entire family as they go through this trying time. We are also thinking about and praying for Betsy’s students, coworkers, and friends at TU. The news of Betsy’s departure has left us feeling terribly sad.

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