Beverly Keesecker Obituary, Beverly Keesecker Has Passed Away At Age 68

Beverly Keesecker Death, Obituary – After conducting an investigation, Gary Ginn, who works as the coroner for Fayette County, came to the conclusion that the deceased woman’s name was Beverly Keesecker. He made this determination based on the findings of the inquiry. Beverly Keesecker lived 68 years before she passed away, which means she had a lot of experience under her belt.

The office of the coroner made the announcement just after midnight on Wednesday morning that the body of Keesecker was discovered inside her home on St. Michael Drive, where she resided and where she had been dead for some time. The home was located on St. Michael Drive.

According to the findings of the autopsy, Keesecker had already been dead for quite some time when her body was found. The address of the property in question was located on St. Michael Drive, which was also her place of residence. According to the report that was provided by the Lexington police department, officers were called to the residence after a neighbor reported what was most likely an attempt to break into the home.

The report also stated that officers were assigned to the location after the neighbor made the claim. In addition to that, it is stated in the report that the neighbor reported the incident to the authorities. Keesecker, who had been shot and was still receiving injuries as a consequence of the incident, was found by law enforcement personnel who had arrived at the spot and discovered him there. Keesecker was still sustaining injuries as a result of the incident.

The Personal Crimes Section of the Lexington Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Keesecker’s death. This investigation is being carried out by the Lexington Police Department. This inquiry is being carried out in order to ascertain whether or not Keesecker was the victim of a homicide prior to his passing.

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