Brent Ledford Obituary Davidson, NC Brent Ledford Funeral Notice At 42

Brent Ledford Obituary, Death –  On July 6, 2023, Brent Casey Ledford, age 42, from Davidson, North Carolina, passed away tragically and far too soon. Brent was born on August 22, 1980, and he spent his childhood in London, Kentucky, where he eventually became friends with Jennifer, the woman who would become his one and only true love. Later, in 2004, the high school sweethearts got married on Marco Island, Florida, which was also one of their favorite vacation spots. In 2014, they welcomed their daughter Everly Reese, which brought the total number of members in their family to three.

Brent was a devoted father and husband who made sure his family was taken care of financially while encouraging them to savor every precious minute of their life together. Everly was the beneficiary of Brent’s competitive spirit as a dad, and some of Brent’s most cherished memories include seeing Everly compete in tennis and CrossFit events all around the United States, as well as spending quality time with his daughter.

Brent’s background in Eastern Kentucky put him up professionally for success in the mining sector, where he had worked for AMCI since 2013. Since 2013, Brent has worked in this field. He was admired for his original ways of thinking and ground-breaking approaches to problems, and he forged friendships that would last a lifetime. He was widely respected throughout the business. Those who knew Brent for even a short period of time fell fast in love with him and enjoyed his ability to make a room brighter. He was kind to everyone he came in contact with, and his grin was infectious.

There was never a boring moment whenever Brent was around, whether it was at Sunday afternoon dinners or during business meetings. One of Brent’s most valuable legacies is the uncommon quality that he possesses, which is the instinctive ability to make everyone feel as though they are included and a part of the narrative. Brent was the type of person who never took life too seriously and was always up for a joke, a famous movie quote, or a recommendation of some new music.

Those who were lucky enough to have met Brent will be left with a hole in their hearts that will never be able to be filled. The influence that Brent had throughout his 42 years on earth is incalculable. When the beautiful day arrives and each of us has the good fortune to finally meet our Lord and Savior, we may all take heart in the knowledge that Brent will be waiting in Heaven with open arms and a grin to greet us.

His wife, Jennifer Ledford, and their daughter, Everly Ledford, as well as his parents, Paul and Vickie (Hopper) Ledford of London, Kentucky, are among those who are left behind after Brent’s passing. His grandparents, Astor and Sallie Ledford, as well as Gilbert and Lorene Hopper, all lived in London, Kentucky, and passed away before he was born.

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