Charline Conger Obituary, In Loving Memory of CRT Volunteer Charline Conger

Charline Conger Obituary, Death – We would like to express our deepest condolences as we inform you of the passing of Charline Conger, who was a foster mom, volunteer, and supporter of the CRT for many years. Charline spent her entire life as a diligent and hard-working worker. She got married at an early age and then assisted with the management and operation of the family farm. If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, Charline went on to give birth to six children within a span of six years: Timmy, Cathy, Danny, Ronnie, Steve, and Tammy! They were the brightest part of her life,

and she was a devoted and faithful mother, as well as a grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandmother in her older years. Charline has always had a soft spot for critters, and she ensured that all of the farm’s inhabitants received the best possible care. In her latter years, Charline was able to pour her love into the field of dog rescue. First, she adopted a few rescued dogs, and then she started fostering pets. Along the way, she was responsible for the saving of so many lives.Charline has taken on the role of spokesman for the “Life Gift” program,

which is the organ and tissue donor program for the state of Texas. She competed in both the Texas Transplant Games and the National Transplant Games on an annual basis, and during the course of those competitions, she was awarded a total of 20 medals, 18 of which were earned in bowling and two in Texas Hold ’em Poker. She had a positive outlook on life and served as an example to everyone she came in contact with. Her husband Randy, their two boys Timmy and Ronnie, and a large number of rescued animals all passed away before Charline did.

At the Rainbow Bridge, there was a happy reunion with Charline’s family and friends, but we shall miss her.
In memory of Charline, would you please consider signing up to be an organ donor or fostering an animal in need of a home? Charline enjoyed every single day of her life to the fullest. Tonight, we pay tribute to her and everything that she meant to those who were fortunate enough to know her. Well done Charline! You will remain in our thoughts forever.

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