Cheyenne Ivey Obituary, of Wynnewood Oklahoma Cheyenne Ivey Has Died

Cheyenne Ivey Death, Obituary – There has never been a telephone call in the history of the world, and there will never be one in the future either. As soon as I opened my eyes, I had an incredible need for Saige to be there, and I adore you so much, sister; as a direct result of the fact that we possessed rats, we went through times that were enjoyable, times that were tough, and times that were rather wild. I am unable to adequately express how much gratitude I have for you because of everything that Saige and I have been through together.

To suggest that the minor secrets that we have been keeping to ourselves for so many years may now be brought out into the open at this point in time would be an exaggeration, but I believe it’s safe to say that it’s doable. On this specific day, the occurrence of an event of this kind is something that can be considered a probability. During the period that they were together, it was not uncommon for them to get into arguments in bars, get drunk, and spend many nights crying into each other’s shoulders about boys. During this time, it was also not unusual for them to argue about boys. They were really close throughout this time period as well.

During this time period, they were also involved in a significant degree of dispute with one another. You were someone I could always count on to be there for me, and I made it a point to do the same thing for you anytime you needed my assistance. Because you were someone I could always count on, I made sure to do the same thing for you. It didn’t matter what was going on in my life at the time because this was always the case. We are not bidding farewell to you, but rather, “till I see you again!” Love you sweet girl!

I’m pulling for you, my closest friend! The name Cheyenne Ivey was a nickname that was frequently given to her by her peers.It was the last thing on earth I wanted to hear as I got out of bed. Saige and I love you very dearly, sister, and we had some wonderful times, tough times, and wild times as a result of buying rats. I guess the truth may come out now about those little suckers that we kept to ourselves for a number of years. Fights in bars, drunken nights, and countless nights spent sobbing into each other’s shoulders about guys.

You were always there for me no matter what, and I was always there for you as well. This isn’t a farewell, babe; rather, it’s “till I see you again!” Love you sweet girl! I’m rooting for you, bestie! Cheyenne Ivey is an author.

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