Christos Tsallos Obituary, Christos Tsallos Has Reportedly Passed Away

Christos Tsallos Death, Obituary – Her death came on a Wednesday on the 12th of July in 2023, which was the year 2023, and it was a gentle dying. The fact that he is Victoria’s spouse is something that she is happy to acknowledge and takes pride in. Nick and Penny, along with John and Maria, held a significant amount of respect and admiration for their father and John’s father-in-law.

This respect and adoration was reciprocated by John and Maria. Big Papou to Sofia, Isabelle, Emilia, Ari, Francis, and Jamie, as well as Cherished Papou to Chris and Elizabeth, Angela and Aaron, Stephanie and Jesse, and Daniella and Travis. Big Papou to all of the grandchildren! To all of the grandchildren, we call you Big Papou!

After Christos passes away, his devoted family and many beloved friends in this region, as well as in Greece and Germany, will experience a profound loss as a result of his departure.
92 Years Old in Years for a Person.

We are going to feel sorry when you pass away because your smile is contagious and you are a one-of-a-kind person who can never be duplicated. This is because your grin is irreplaceable.

On the afternoon of Sunday, July 16th, 2023, at one o’clock in the afternoon, prayers will be performed in the chapel at Parsons Funeral Home, which can be found at 34 Belmore Street in Wollongong. The address for Parsons Funeral Home is 34 Belmore Street. Please find below the address of the funeral home.

Christos will be laid to rest at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, which is located at 18 Stewart Street in Wollongong, on the 17th of July, 2023 at 10.30 in the morning. Christos’ funeral will be held there. The timing and day of the funeral service have not been decided upon as of yet.

There is a strong emphasis placed on having both blood relatives and close acquaintances present at the celebration. After the burial is over, his body will be moved to the Wollongong Lawn Cemetery, which is located in Kembla Grange at the end of Wyllie Road. You may get there by taking Wyllie Road to its terminus.

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