City Councilor Kendra Lara hit a house at 53 mph in a 25 mph zone

Late last month, Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara struck a home in Jamaica Plain while driving with her son in the backseat. According to a police report, she was traveling at least 53 mph in a 25 mph zone at the time of the collision. In reaction to the collision, police issued citations to the District 6 councilor for careless operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, and a seat belt violation, according to the report.

She is also accused of having her 7-year-old kid improperly fastened in and in a booster seat or car seat. The boy may not have been totally strapped properly, according to police, as he hit the arm rest and the back of the front passenger side car seat, despite the fact that the rear passenger side seat belt was fastened at the time of the collision. According to his age and height, the boy should have been buckled up in a booster seat.According to investigators, the collision caused him to “profusely” bleed from his left eyebrow.

The youngster was reportedly examined at Boston Children’s Hospital and given numerous sutures, but he had just minor wounds. According to the report, Lara seemed unharmed following the collision. Late Wednesday night, a request for reaction from Lara went unanswered; however, on July 8, she issued an apology to her supporters. Lara issued a statement in which she apologized to everyone, particularly the residents of District 6, saying, “We are all accountable for our acts, and I am no different.

“As an elected person, I’ve worked hard to put my citizens’ humanity and dignity at the forefront. As I attempt to repair my error today, I beg that you also see mine.According to the report, images taken at the site show that Lara did not apply her brakes before the collision. Furthermore, it claims that there was substantial automobile and pedestrian traffic at an adjacent crossroads at the moment of the collision. While seated in his parked automobile, a witness reported to police that he spotted Lara traveling down the street at a fast rate of speed. The vehicle then abruptly swerved to the left and crashed through the house’s perimeter fence.

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