Cody Carlin Hagerstown Maryland, Cody Carlin has died in a Shooting

It is with great sadness that we report that comedian Cody Carlin has died away. The only other persons who appear to have been harmed as a consequence of the event are the two people who were just mentioned as having been hurt, which, according to the announcement, are the only two people who appear to have been injured. At that time, the police did not release any remarks to the public.

Hagerstown The police are looking into a complaint that someone shot a gun in the downtown area on Thursday evening, and they are still investigating the case. Two persons were harmed as a result of the gunfire, but the police think that their wounds are not life-threatening and that their lives are not in danger as a consequence of their injuries. mThe body of a homeless guy who had been recently killed was discovered in a park in the state of Maryland. Nobody knows exactly where the park is located.

According to what is mentioned in the notice, law enforcement officials were called to the 100 block of North Locust Street at around 11:37 p.m. to investigate a complaint of gunshots in the area. This was apparently what prompted the authorities to go to the area. According to the evidence that was discovered by the police, there had been a shooting at some point. The statement claims that not long after then, they were notified that two persons who had been shot had arrived at Meritus Medical Center in a private vehicle.

This information was provided shortly after the initial incident. The statement included the aforementioned pieces of information. During the course of the encounter, both of the people had been shot at some time. At around 4:25 in the afternoon, a report was made to the Hagerstown Police Department regarding a suspicious vehicle that was spotted in the 400 block of North Locust Street.

According to the reports, the event took place in the middle of the city. Anthony Leon Latimer, 42 years old, was discovered dead inside the car that had been left behind at the spot by the police when they arrived. The injuries that were found on Latimer’s corpse gave the impression that they were inflicted by a large number of gunfire.

According to a press release that was issued by the police department, the agency’s belief is that the shooting was carried out with the goal of targeting a specific target. This information was included in the news release.

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