Colin Murphy Obituary, New York, Colin Murphy has passed away – Death

Colin Murphy Obituary, Death – On November 25, 2014, Colin Denis Murphy, who was 63 years old, passed away as he was resting in the coziness of his own home in East Falmouth. He was at peace. At the moment of his passing, he was attended to by devoted members of his beloved family who were all by his side. He was Nina Murphy’s husband at the time that this remark was written, and the couple had been married for a combined thirty years at the time that this passage was composed. Mr. Thomas Murphy was the son of Dr. Thomas and Muriel Murphy, who resided in North Falmouth and spent their summers at Wild Harbor.

Mr. Thomas Murphy was named after his father. It was there that Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Murphy’s son, who sadly went away, spent his childhood. Despite the fact that Mr. Murphy was born in Boston, his parents chose to spend the majority of their lives in Brockton, where the city is located, during the summer months. After finishing his education at Stonehill College and earning his degree, Mr. Murphy enlisted in the United States Air Force and devoted the next seven years of his life to serving in that branch of the armed forces.

During this time, he was stationed in Germany. After starting out in the United States Air Force as a navigator for F-4 Phantom fighter jets, he eventually worked his way up through the ranks of the organization to become a captain. During his time in the military, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was stationed in the Philippines throughout the entirety of his time spent serving in the military, therefore he spent a significant portion of his time there. This was also the location of his primary duty station. Mr. Murphy worked for the Beaulieu Commercial Carpet Company in Georgia, where he held the position of sales representative. He was an employee of the company. The company’s administrative offices were located in Beaulieu, which is also the name of the town.

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