Coy Huffman Obituary, Coy Huffman Has Sadly Passed Away

Coy Huffman Obituary, Death – Coy Huffman was a remarkable individual who left a lasting impact on the cowboy community and beyond. For over 18 years, he played a pivotal role at All Around Cowboy Church in Sealy, TX, where he served as a spiritual guide and mentor to many. With his big mustache and welcoming smile, Coy’s presence was truly international, as he embraced people from all walks of life.

The friendship between Coy Huffman and Pastor Christer Segerliv began with a simple question, “Are you international?” Coy’s response, “We’re now,” reflected his open-mindedness and willingness to connect with people from different backgrounds. From that moment, a deep and enduring friendship was formed, centered around their shared faith and passion for the Kingdom of God. Despite the physical distance between them, their relationship thrived on a spiritual level.

Coy Huffman’s influence extended far beyond his friendship with Pastor Chris. He introduced Pastor Chris to numerous individuals in the cowboy world, expanding his network and providing valuable insights. The hours they spent together discussing the Kingdom of God were filled with wisdom, encouragement, and spiritual growth. Coy’s favorite expression, “I see barbecue all over you,” likely conveyed his belief in Pastor Chris’s ability to bring people together, nourishing their souls with the Word of God.

While Coy Huffman’s passing brings joy to heaven, it leaves a void in the lives of those who knew and loved him. The community stands united in prayer and support for Donna Huffman, his faithful partner. Coy’s impact as a chute boss and spiritual guide during rodeos cannot be overstated. He led church services, offered prayers behind the chutes, and provided spiritual guidance to rodeo cowboys and cowgirls when they needed it most.

Coy Huffman’s deep faith was evident in his interactions and the stories he shared. One such story captured the essence of his character. During a flight from Edmonton, Alberta, he had a conversation with Larry, who always had something good to say to him. As they marveled at the beauty of a Canadian sunrise, Larry pointed out that Coy worked for the One who created that breathtaking sight. This anecdote reflects Coy’s appreciation for the wonders of God’s creation and his unwavering faith in the Creator.

In his role as a pillar of strength and spiritual support, Coy Huffman touched countless lives. His passing is a reminder for everyone to step up one level in their faith, inspired by his example. The Kingdom Center Sweden, led by Pastor Chris and his family, extends their blessings to all those who knew Coy Huffman and prays for their continued growth in faith.

Coy Huffman’s legacy will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched. His unwavering dedication to God and his fellow cowboys and cowgirls will be remembered and cherished. As the cowboy community mourns the loss of a great person, they find solace in the knowledge that Coy has been called home by the Good Lord, who surely welcomed him with open arms.

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