Coyote Moon Obituary, Coyote Moon has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Coyote Moon Obituary, Death – Coyote Moon was a longtime club member and a previous member of our organization’s executive board. It is with deep regret that we must notify you that he passed away earlier this week. It is with great regret that we must inform you of this latest development. She was a troublemaker in all the best ways possible, but at the same time, she was a pioneer in all the best possible ways.

Unwavering in her dedication to her guiding values, unafraid to speak her thoughts, and courageous in her approach to life are all characteristics that describe her.Recently, she assisted in organizing efforts to abolish the cruising limitation ordinance in National City, which she helped organize. These efforts were recently organized by her. She resumed her life with an unconquerable energy that was only surpassed by her fortitude despite the fact that she had been given a diagnosis of cancer.

Despite the fact that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Moon, who has been an LGBTQ+ activist her entire life and volunteers her time at the San Diego LGBT Center, used to often ride her motorcycle at the front of the San Diego Pride Parade as a member of the WomenMoto organization, which was comprised of lesbians who rode motorcycles. In addition to that, she was an involved participant on the Board of Trustees at the National City Library.

She leaves behind loyal friends and family in addition to a community of activists, to whom we express our deepest condolences and thoughts on this painful loss on account of the fact that she has left behind such a large community. Her infectious smile and humor, as well as the contributions she made to our LGBTQ+ community via her advocacy, are something that so many people will miss deeply, particularly her friends and family members here at San Diego Democrats for Equality. Her joy and laughter were contagious, and she made contributions to our LGBTQ+ community through her advocacy. Even after death, may she continue to wield influence.

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