David Sullivan Obituary, of Lawrence David Sullivan Has Reportedly Passed Away

David Sullivan Death, Obituary – The authorities have opened an investigation into the possibility that a man whose dead body was found on Wednesday was the victim of a homicide. The finding of the guy’s body brought about the investigation. According to a statement of news that has been disseminated, the individual who passed away has been recognized as David Blaine Sullivan, who resided in the city of Lawrence and was 62 years old at the time of their passing.

On Wednesday morning, just before 11 o’clock, the police received a report regarding a person who was found close to the intersection of 6th Street and Vermont Street, which is located close to the Kansas River. The caller had a reason to believe that the individual had passed away, and the report stated that the caller had found them there. It was stated that the position of the person was close to the intersection of 6th Street and Vermont Street.

When officers arrived, they found Blaine lying unconscious on the ground close to a group of trees located to the north of the crossing. It was determined that Blaine had already passed away when they arrived at the location. After conducting their investigation, crime scene investigators located evidence at the scene that lends credence to the theory that the decedent’s death may have been the consequence of some sort of suspicious activity.

The evidence points to the possibility that the death was the result of some kind of wrongful act being committed. After the autopsy that will take place later on this week, the office of the coroner will be able to make a definitive determination regarding the reason for the decedent’s passing. Following the autopsy, the cause of death will be established.

The police will continue their investigation into the events that led up to the guy’s death and the circumstances that surrounded it as they wait for this determination to be made.

It is not known at this moment how long Blaine had been present at the place where he was found prior to being taken from there.

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