Douglas Hebburn Obituary, Douglas Hebburn Has Passed Away

Douglas Hebburn Death, Obituary – My son Douglas Hastings, better known by his nickname Dougie, vanished for unexplained reasons while he was a patient at South Shields Hospital. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unknown. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly while he was being attended to by the emergency medical personnel who had been brought to the location to provide it for him.

My spouse and I were both present at the event in issue, and all three of us were present there at the same time. The event in question was attended by both of us. My husband and I, as well as his daughter Natalie and granddaughter Charley, whom he loved very much, as well as his brother Mark and niece Abbie, as well as all of his friends and even his dog Smirnoff, will lament his passing and miss him very much.

He will also be missed by all of his friends and even by his dog. Even his dog and all of his other furry companions will feel a profound void in their lives without him. Everyone in this room had a strong sense of affection and esteem for him, and it was contagious. On the Monday, July 24, 2023, at 10:30 in the morning, friends and relatives are asked to gather at the South Shields Crematorium.

The service will begin at that time. The memorial service will be held on that particular day. At that venue, the funeral service will be held for the deceased. The funeral service for the one who has passed away will be held at that location.

My hope and prayer is that you, Dougi, will at last be able to discover the peace that you have been seeking, and that once you do, you will be able to sleep well.


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