Dr. Erin Dariano Obituary, of Florida Dr. Erin Dariano Has Passed Away At Age 41

Dr. Erin Dariano Death, Obituary – On July 8th, 2023, at the age of 41, Dr. Erin Dariano died away in a calm and serene manner in the state of Florida, which she had made her home. In her house were her husband Michael and their two daughters, Ella and Eva. She was surrounded by love. Her husband, their girls, her parents Ken and Betty Kosch, her sisters Jamie and Jill and their families, as well as her friends, neighbors, and pets, will miss her terribly.

Erin was born in the Ohio Territory of the United States. When I was in high school, on a whim, I decided to give high jump a go. She was awarded a college scholarship to study biochemistry at Bowling Green State University, where she went on to compete and go all the way to the state championships. There, she met her future husband, Mike, and they began to discuss why organic chemistry was a stupid, difficult, and unneeded field of study while eating chicken wings and drinking beer.

Naturally, she did very well in the lesson. After that, I attended Ohio University’s School of Medicine. additional time spent studying, additional time spent with Mike, additional chicken wings, and additional beer. Erin served as the chief resident during her final year as a resident. Erin opened, managed, and provided medical care for patients at two different locations in the state of Ohio before deciding she’d had enough winter and relocating to Florida, where she began working at Rivers Family Medicine.

Erin liked Florida. Beaches, amusement parks, sunlight, cruises, seafood, and even the muggy weather are all reasons to visit Florida. She would respond that it was just the right temperature whenever somebody mentioned how hot it was. Erin had to face adversity and prevail over it throughout her life; she did the same thing with her battle against cancer. She had such a strong will.

We were moved in so many different ways by Erin’s straightforward affection. She will be remembered fondly, but in our hearts she will live on forever. If you are so moved, in lieu of flowers, we ask that you kindly click on the links and consider making a donation to Erin’s favorite charity, Give Kids the World Village, or the Dariano Girls College Fund. Thank you.

Please pay attention to what your physician has to say to you, especially if you were one of Erin’s patients, because in some ways we were all her patients.

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