Dr. Frederic Brandt Obituary, Dr. Frederic Brandt Funeral Notice

Dr, Frederic Brandt Obituary, Death –  According to Page Six’s reporting, celebrity dermatologist Frederic Brandt passed away over the weekend in Miami. His publicist has declined to comment on specifics, and the reason of his death is unknown at this time; however, a writer for the Miami Herald named Lesley Abranavel reported that her sources indicated that his death was the result of a suicide attempt, and that he had been suffering from depression. According to the Daily Mail and the New York Post, an apparent caricature of him on the Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made him feel even worse about himself, which contributed to his despair.

According to what his representative said to the Post, “The show definitely deeply hurt him.” “People made fun of him because of the way he looks,” the sentence reads. Martin Short takes on the role of a dermatologist on Kimmy Schmidt, the critically acclaimed Netflix sitcom created by Tina Fey. His character is a double for Dr. Brandt. A few weeks ago, the parallels were brought to the attention of the New York Post. Dr. Grant, the fictional character played by Mr. Short, had the same haircut that the actual Dr. Brandt did in real life. He maintains that his name is truly pronounced “Dr. Franff,” despite the fact that he is unable to talk properly as a result of the huge amount of plastic surgery he has undergone. (To be fair, it didn’t appear like Dr. Brandt had a lot of problem speaking.)

It has never been explicitly stated by the producers of the program that Dr. Grant was intended to be a parody of Dr. Brandt, but it is abundantly evident that they were thinking about the renowned physician when they developed that character. The appearance that Dr. Brandt had set him apart from others. In addition to delivering fillers to high-profile customers like Madonna and Stephanie Seymour, he performed fillers on himself for years. His patients included Stephanie Seymour and Madonna. He also said in a feature that appeared in The New York Times a year ago that he occasionally regretted abusing medications like Botox to an excessive degree. Why would you make fun of him for that?

Tina Fey and the other writers of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are not to responsible for Dr. Brandt’s melancholy, even if the show’s negative portrayal of him did in some way contribute to it. Depression is the root cause of suicide; external factors and the acts of others are not to blame. Nevertheless, the event raises some concerns regarding whether or not Kimmy Schmidt’s portrayal of the doctor in a manner that was only somewhat veiled was in poor taste. The most effective form of satire is one that takes direct aim at individuals in authoritative positions. Was Dr. Brandt actually able to wield such power?

He was not the one who developed the beauty standards that drive women to seek out the services of a cosmetic surgeon in order to correct what they see as flaws in their appearance. His customers were adults who were old enough to agree and actively sought out his services because they desired them. It is sexist and patronizing to imply otherwise.

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