Elmore Jaylon Abbeville 18-year-old charged with machete murder, armed robbery

Jaylon Thomas Elmore – It is believed that a robbery that took place during a home invasion that took place on Wednesday in Abbeville resulted in the death of another individual, who was slain during the home invasion and was subsequently cut to death with a machete following the home invasion. According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Jaylon Thomas Elmore is purportedly the subject of an investigation into the crimes of murder, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent act.

These allegations are based on a statement made by the agency. Elmore is accused of going to the apartment of the victim on Spring Street and attacking the victim with a machete while he was there. The victim has stated this to be the case. During the course of the incident, the victim was struck in the chest as well as in the head. Following the commission of the crime, Elmore allegedly went to the residence of the victim, as stated in the warrants.

After that, it is said that Elmore stole several things from the residence without first obtaining permission to do so. The warrants make reference to this particular aspect of the investigation. Elmore is said to have confessed to the crimes and provided the investigators with information about where they could find the machete, which ultimately led to the detectives being able to successfully retrieve the weapon.

This information was provided as a result of Elmore’s confession. Elmore was taken into custody for his role in the criminal activity. According to the report that was provided by the Coroner for Abbeville County, it has been determined that the person who passed away was Albert Demetris Moultrie, Jr. This information was provided by the Coroner for Abbeville County.

Although the facts surrounding Elmore’s arrest are still being investigated, he is still being held at the Abbeville County Detention Center in the meantime.

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