Fatal Car Accident, Memphis, TN Today, Fatal Carjacking Crash: Suspect Arrested

Fatal Car Accident, Memphis, TN Today – In a recent incident in Memphis, Tennessee, the local police department has arrested a suspect who was involved in a fatal crash after carjacking a vehicle. The events unfolded when an officer, traveling westbound on Cottonwood Road, witnessed a vehicle making an illegal U-turn in front of him and speeding away.

Suspecting foul play, the officer ran the license plate and discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen and linked to several robberies. The stolen vehicle turned off Cottonwood, heading northbound on Perkins Road. As the officer approached the intersection of Perkins and Cottonwood, he witnessed a three-car crash involving the stolen vehicle.

One occupant of the stolen vehicle fled the scene on foot, while two others remained inside the stolen car. The fleeing occupant then proceeded to carjack a victim in the Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Showcase area. Escaping in the stolen vehicle, the suspect rammed a police squad car, prompting officers in the vicinity to initiate a pursuit.

During the pursuit, the suspect continued driving recklessly, causing further collisions. The stolen vehicle collided with another vehicle at I-240 and Norris Road and then struck a second vehicle at Millbranch Road and Shelby Drive. Eventually, the suspect abandoned the carjacked vehicle in the Mill Creek Apartments and was subsequently apprehended by the authorities. Due to injuries sustained in the crash, the suspect was transported to Regional One hospital, where he is currently in non-critical condition.

Tragically, one person who remained in the stolen vehicle that crashed at Perkins and American Way was pronounced dead at the scene. Another occupant of the stolen vehicle was transported to Regional One Hospital in critical condition but was later pronounced dead. Three other individuals involved in the crash were taken to nearby hospitals with non-critical injuries.

As of now, the suspect has not been identified. The Memphis Police Department is likely conducting a thorough investigation to gather more information about the incident and the suspect’s motives. Such incidents highlight the dangers of reckless driving, carjacking, and the significant risks associated with stolen vehicles. The authorities play a vital role in ensuring public safety and apprehending those responsible for such criminal activities.

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