Hani Baradi Obituary, Oklahoma Hani Baradi Has Passed Away

Hani Baradi Death, Obituary – I was taken to the emergency hospital in the fall of 2021 with a blood clot that put me in such a horrible state that there was a very good probability that I would not live. I was told that there was a very good chance that I would not survive. I was in a precarious situation in which death was a very real possibility. I owe the remarkable work and care that Dr. Hani Burhan-Eddin Baradi, MD put in for me to the fact that I have been able to live for as long as I have.

If it were not for his help, I would not be here with you today. Because of his assistance, I am able to be with you here today. Without it, I would not be here. Because of his help, I am able to be with you here today. Thank you very much for that. If I hadn’t had it, I wouldn’t be standing here today. In addition to having a high level of surgical expertise, he was well-known for having a reassuring demeanor in the operating room, which helped to put anxious patients at ease.

This contributed to the overall success of his work. This was one of the reasons why he had attained such a high level of accomplishment. Simply the fact that I was able to carry on a discussion with him was sufficient to provoke feelings of thankfulness in my mind toward him. I am thankful for the opportunity. I am appreciative that this chance was presented to me.

Dr. Baradi, I want you to know how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for me, and I pray that you will find the kind of peace that defies words. I want you to know how much gratitude I have.

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