Hughie Dobbin Obituary, Antrim Camogie Mourns Loss of Hughie Dobbin

Hughie Dobbin Obituary, Death – The Antrim County board recently expressed their condolences and sorrow upon hearing the news of the passing of Hughie Dobbin. As the grandfather of Caitrín and Ceala Dobbin, who are current Senior and U16 County Players, as well as members of the Loughgiel Shamrocks GAC, his loss is deeply felt by the Antrim Camogie community.

In their heartfelt message, the Antrim County board extends their sympathies not only to Hughie’s immediate family but also to his wide family circle, friends, and his beloved club, Loughgiel Shamrocks GAC. This gesture demonstrates the tight-knit nature of the Antrim Camogie community, which rallies together in times of sorrow to support one another.

The passing of Hughie Dobbin marks a somber moment for the Antrim Camogie community. His connection to the sport, as the grandfather of two talented players, highlights the intergenerational love and commitment that exists within families towards camogie. His presence will be greatly missed, both as a beloved family member and as a supporter of the sport.

The Antrim County board wishes for Hughie’s soul to find eternal peace, invoking the prayer, “Mary Queen of the Gael pray for him.” This traditional Irish prayer brings solace and comfort, emphasizing the spiritual aspect of the community’s mourning process.

The Antrim County board’s expression of condolences and sympathy not only honors the memory of Hughie Dobbin but also serves as a reminder of the importance of community support during times of loss. Through their message, they encourage unity, compassion, and solidarity within the Antrim Camogie community, allowing members to find strength and solace in one another.

As the Antrim Camogie community mourns the loss of Hughie Dobbin, they cherish his memory and the significant impact he had on the lives of those around him. The legacy he leaves behind, through his family’s involvement in camogie and his dedication to Loughgiel Shamrocks GAC, will continue to inspire and motivate future generations of players and supporters.

In conclusion, the passing of Hughie Dobbin is a poignant moment for the Antrim County board, the Antrim Camogie community, and Loughgiel Shamrocks GAC. Through their heartfelt condolences, they honor Hughie’s memory, extend their support to his family and friends, and emphasize the unbreakable bonds that unite the camogie community in times of both joy and sorrow. May Hughie Dobbin rest in peace, knowing that his legacy lives on within the hearts of those who loved and admired him.

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