Ivan Sanfilippo Obituary, Ivan Sanfilippo Has Passed Away

Ivan Sanfilippo Obituary, Death –¬†I’m really sorry to hear about the passing of Ivan Sanfilippo, the husband of Clara from Adore Designer Resale. Ivan’s battle with Myositis must have been incredibly challenging for both him and his family. In this difficult time, Clara and her son Benjamin are welcoming prayers and support. Upon hearing the news, friends and supporters expressed their condolences and offered prayers for Clara and her family. LaTonya Williamson Pratt, Jo Ann, Ozzie Brady, and Amy Lloyd were among the first to extend their sympathy and promise their prayers.

Dawn Welch Walker, Stacey Mills, Julie Gill Krupa, and Sarah Straniero also shared their condolences and offered their thoughts and prayers. Sandy Casper Messer, Molly Perrou, Kimina Chisolm, Colette Ravaché, and Claudine Bell Vample expressed their sincerest condolences and sent their prayers and love to Clara and her family during this difficult time. Carolyn Evans, Shelley Semento McLaughlin, Ersilia Sarno, and Deborah Bogan Garrison also expressed their sympathy and support.

Td Jenkins, Cindy Berenthal White, and Vahbiz Shroff were deeply saddened by the loss and sent their condolences along with prayers and virtual hugs to Clara and her son Benjamin. The outpouring of love, support, and prayers from the community demonstrates the impact that Ivan had on those around him and the sympathy that people feel for Clara and her family.

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging and painful experience, and it can take time to heal from such a devastating loss. In this time of grief, it’s important for Clara and her son Benjamin to lean on their support system and seek comfort from friends, family, and their community. The kind words, prayers, and love they have received can provide some solace during this difficult period.

Grief is a personal journey, and everyone copes with loss in their own way. It is my hope that Clara and Benjamin find the strength and support they need to navigate through their grief and find moments of peace and healing.

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