Jahiem Law Obituary, Man killed in Champaign shooting, report says

Jahiem Law Obituary, Death – The identity of a man who passed away as a result of being shot in Champaign has been made known to the general public by the coroner who investigated the killing. Duane Northrup, the coroner for Champaign County, identified Jahiem M. Law, 20, as the person who was killed by a gunshot on July 13 at 7:39 p.m. in the south side of Champaign. The incident occurred on the same day. The Champaign Police Department was dispatched to the 1700 block of South State Street after receiving a report of a shooting that had taken place there and had resulted in injuries.

Law was found by police officers to be suffering from a gunshot wound that had the potential to be fatal. In addition, they found a female victim from Champaign aged 21 who had been shot and was suffering from a wound that was not considered to be life-threatening. Both victims required medical care, so they were taken by ambulance to a nearby facility.The status of the woman has not evolved since we last checked in on her. It wasn’t until 9:59 p.m. that it was officially announced that Law had passed away. The results of the autopsy indicate that he died as a direct consequence of a gunshot wound to the head that he received as a result of the incident that led to the shooting.

On Friday, an autopsy is scheduled to take place at the Champaign County Regional Autopsy Facility in Urbana, which is also the location where it will take place. At this moment, the cause of his death is being investigated as potentially being the result of homicide by the Champaign Police Department as well as the Champaign County Coroner’s Office. The first inquiry that was carried out by the police found that there were two huge groups that had gathered together and were engaged in a violent confrontation inside of a parking lot that was situated in the 1700 block of South State Street.

Officers will continue to question any witnesses who have come forward and will also explore the area for any surveillance footage that may be relevant to the investigation. Any nearby residents or businesses that are equipped with external video camera systems are being asked by the community’s police department to get in touch with them as soon as humanly possible. There has been no one brought into jail up to this date, and the investigation is still ongoing at this time.

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