Jake Zerbe Obituary Pittsburgh PA, In Loving Memory of Jake Zerbe

Jake Zerbe Obituary, Death – Yesterday, when I learned of your demise, a million different thoughts ran through my head all at once. I really hope that Jake is aware of how much joy he has brought into this world. When I first found out that your family was going to be moving in next door all those years ago, I was overjoyed. From the “early” morning trips to school that weren’t so early because you hadn’t even gotten out of bed when I was blowing the horn and revving the engine, to the late night “au naturel” swims, you were everything but predictable. I remember the “early” morning rides to school that weren’t so early because you hadn’t even gotten out of bed when I was honking the horn and revving the engine.

You were known as the cool “little brother” who everyone wanted to hang out with while you were in high school. You didn’t just daydream; you turned your dreams become reality. You had such a magnetic personality that you could win anyone over, and you set a goal for yourself to achieve exactly that. LOL! The fact that we stopped keeping in touch as we got older is one of my biggest regrets. Despite the years that had passed since we had last spoken, you still made it a priority to get in touch with me once you learned about Rachel’s automobile accident. That would be a good companion.

Not just any old acquaintance, but rather one of my very favorites! You will not be forgotten under any circumstances, Jake-O Spanky Willard Zerbe. Rest peacefully Jake Zerbe. Brother, I’m going to miss having you around. Someone with such a wonderful personality and such a great enthusiasm has passed away much too soon. I was really intending to make the trip down to meet you the following week. You expressed a lot of enthusiasm towards your recent endeavor. Buddy, you will be remembered with fondness.

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