James Cleary, Jr Obituary, a Firefighter James Cleary, Jr Has Sadly Passed Away

James Cleary, Jr Death, Obituary – The LODD is scheduled to take place on the eleventh of July in the year 2023, according to the current projections. James “Spot” Cleary, Jr. is a member of the 19 Bramwell Volunteer Fire Department, and he is known simply by his nickname, “Spot.” While travelling on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that was owned by the department, James Cleary, Sr., a firefighter in Bramwell, West Virginia, and his son, James “Spot” Cleary, Jr., a firefighter in the same town, were exploring the places in where past events had taken place.

James Cleary, Sr. is the father of James “Spot” Cleary, Jr., who is also a firefighter in the same town. In the same town where his son James “Spot” Cleary, Jr. also serves as a firefighter, James Cleary, Sr. also serves as a firefighter. As soon as they exited the truck and started to move away from it, the all-terrain vehicle started heading in the direction of where they were standing.

They tried their best to stop it, but it pushed them over a hill and had them roll numerous times before it eventually came to a stop. Despite their best efforts, it did not stop. In spite of the best efforts they could muster, it proceeded on its way. After being transported to their own facilities, the two firefighters were then brought to a variety of nearby medical facilities, where they were examined and given care.

It was a firefighter by the name of James “Spot” Cleary Jr. who was given the nickname “Spot.” It was a tragic and unanticipated turn of events that he passed away prematurely as a direct result of the injuries he acquired in the collision, which were the direct cause of his untimely death.

A firefighter by the name of James Cleary Sr. was taken to the hospital in order for him to receive medical care, and he has since been released from the establishment.

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