Jamie Epperson Obituary, Jamie Epperson has passed away unexpectedly – Death

Jamie Epperson Obituary, Death – The courageous and influential Dr. Epperson, who fought a valiant struggle against cancer, has passed away. It is with the deepest sadness that we have to inform you of this news. She shown tremendous bravery and strength during the entirety of this conflict, which she ultimately lost. Funeral arrangements for Dr. Jamie Epperson have not been made at this time; however, we will let you know as soon as we get more details regarding those arrangements. The dental clinic at Twelve Oaks will be closed for the entirety of the amount of time that has been authorized.

In the case that the time or location of your appointment needs to be altered, we will get in touch with you. As a result of the kindness of other medical professionals located in the area, Dr. Epperson’s remaining appointments will continue to be carried out in the typical manner moving ahead. This would have made her extremely proud because she would have want for each of you to be well taken care of, and she would have had the opportunity to witness that happening.

We are committed to carrying on Dr. Epperson’s legacy at Twelve Oaks Dental by maintaining the same positive environment and caring approach to work that she envisioned and developed. Despite the fact that her lovely smile and infectious laughter will no longer be with us, we are determined to carrying on Dr. Epperson’s legacy at Twelve Oaks Dental. While we struggle to come to grips with this life-altering tragedy, we kindly ask that you have patient with us in the meantime.

Both of our hearts have been severely damaged as a result of this void. Not only did she serve as our leader, but she was also a dear friend to each and every one of us. The joy that has been brought into each of our lives as a result of having the opportunity to know and love Dr. Epperson is indescribable. We are all going to miss her very much after her passing. She stood out from everyone else in every respect.

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