Jeanette Erdmann Obituary, CMD Researcher Jeanette Erdmann has died – Death

Jeanette Erdmann Obituary, Death – On Saturday, July 8, 2023, a highly respected coworker of ours named Jeanette (Erdmann) passed away. It is with deep sorrow that we share the news of her loss with you. Because of her passing, there is a significant vacuum not just in our hearts but also at the Institute for Cardiogenetics (ICG). Jeanette was a remarkable friend, mentor, and leader to many of us throughout our lives. Her extraordinary vision, unwavering dedication, and wise direction were essential components in the development and advancement of our institution.

The tiny group that she oversaw in the Department of Cardiology at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, directed by Professor Heribert Schunkert) eventually grew into the Institute for Cardiogenetics at the University of Lubeck, where Jeanette currently serves as the director.eanette has made absolutely extraordinary contributions to the field of genetics of coronary artery disease (CAD), as evidenced by her h-index of 96 and the more than 53,000 citations she has received for her work.

Through genome-wide association studies carried out over the course of the past 15 years, her work has been critical in locating more than 300 chromosomal areas that are related with coronary artery disease (CAD). Under her direction, an environment that encouraged collaboration and open science as well as growth and quality was created. Jeanette finally identified herself as having COL6 muscular dystrophy after an arduous journey that spanned almost 45 years, adding this area of research to her resume in the process.

She contributed a fresh viewpoint to the discussion, and along with her unwavering commitment to the COL6 community’s overall mission, this helped establish her as a prominent person and a highly regarded researcher in the field. As a person, Jeanette was considerate, attentive, and helpful to all around her, including both her students and her coworkers.

The presence of Jeanette, as well as her insight and unflinching support, will be sorely missed. We have not only suffered the loss of a capable manager and guide, but also of a dear friend. Her legacy will live on in our thoughts and hearts for all time, and the influence she had on our organization will continue to reverberate for many years to come. We want to express our sincere sympathies to Jeanette’s family and loved ones on behalf of the whole ICG Institute family. Jeanette was a beloved member of our team. During this incomprehensibly trying time, we are keeping them in both our thoughts and prayers.

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