Jessica Ebbighausen Obituary, Thin Blue Line USA Police Officer Jessica Ebbighausen has died

Jessica Ebbighausen Obituary, Death – We are devastated to inform you of the demise of Police Officer Jessica Ebbighausen, who worked for the Rutland Police Department in the state of Vermont. Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. Bringing the Watch to a Close: Friday, July 7th, 2023, the 7th of July Police Officer Jessica Ebbighausen was driving her patrol car when it was fatally struck by a suspect vehicle that was being sought by other police vehicles at three o’clock in the afternoon. Other officers had been pursuing the suspect vehicle. When cops arrived on East Washington Street to investigate a report of a burglary in progress, they immediately began to chase the suspect, who was driving a pickup truck.

The report had indicated that the burglary was still ongoing. When Officer Ebbighausen and her training officer heard the call coming from the opposite direction, they were already on their way to the location. When the vehicle that was being pursued approached the intersection of Stratton Road and Woodstock Avenue, it crossed the center line and got into a head-on collision with the patrol car that Officer Ebbighausen was driving. Both vehicles were severely damaged. Immediately after that, there was a collision between the vehicle and another police car.

Officer Ebbighausen was unable to fight off the effects of her wounds, and she passed away at the scene of the incident. In the course of the incident, not only the suspect but also two other police officers were injured. The man is currently being detained at a correctional facility. The suspect was charged with operating a motor vehicle in a negligent manner and with attempting to elude law enforcement, both of which led to the death of the victim. The death of the victim was the direct result of both of these charges. Police Ebbighausen was a part-time cop who was currently participating in field training in order to get ready for entering the Vermont Police Academy the next month. His ultimate goal was to become a full-time officer after graduating from the academy.

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