Jim Porteous Obituary, Paynesville Bowling Club Member has passed away – Death

Jim Porteous Obituary, Death – This week, with a heavy heart, we are reporting the untimely death of Jim Porteous because he died away unexpectedly. His passing came as a complete surprise to everyone. Everyone was taken aback by his unexpected passing. The information about his departure came absolutely out of the blue for everyone. Jim was well-known for the heavy Scottish accent that he talked with, and he was a club member who was extremely devoted to the cause.

His dialect was one of the reasons he was so well-known. Additionally, the fact that he was a native of Scotland contributed to his widespread fame. He was the Club Secretary for a total of six years, and right up until more recent times, he was a very active participant in the club’s activities. In addition to this, Jim was one of the first people to play Midweek Pennant after the restrictions that had previously been imposed on playing the game were removed. Jim was one of the first individuals to play the game after these restrictions were removed.

As a direct result of his achievements, he is currently considered to be among the very greatest players. Both his mother Elizabeth and his wife Kate are also members of the club (Kate became 100 in February, and Elizabeth turned 100 in February), thus we would like to offer our most sincere sympathies to both of them in the event of his passing. During this trying time, Elizabeth and Kate are both in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to work through this challenge.

We hope that the fact that many people will fondly remember you after you’ve passed away brings you some measure of consolation, Jim, and we pray that this is the case. The news of your departure came as a complete shock to me, Jim; yet, the time that you and I shared together is something that I will always value and look back on with warmth and gratitude. I hope and pray that Ivan and Faye will one day discover the peace and quiet they have been searching for.

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