John Mrus Obituary, Passing of EMS Pioneer and Founding Member of Howland Professional Firefighters Mourned

John Mrus Obituary, Death – The passing of John Mrus, one of the original founding members of Howland Professional Firefighters Local 2786, has left a deep sense of regret and mourning within the firefighting community. On the morning of July 4, 2023, John Mrus peacefully passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy as a true pioneer of emergency medical services (EMS) in the State of Ohio and Trumbull County.

During John’s tenure, there was no established EMT program or paramedic system in Ohio. Recognizing the need for standardized training and improved emergency medical care, he played a pivotal role in developing the original EMT curriculum at the state level. His efforts and dedication paved the way for the establishment of a robust EMS framework, benefitting countless lives in the region.

As an instructor throughout his career, John Mrus was instrumental in shaping the next generation of firefighters and emergency responders. Many individuals who were trained by him continue to serve the community to this day, carrying forward his knowledge, expertise, and commitment to saving lives. Whether in the classroom or on the field, John was known for his unwavering support and guidance, ensuring that his crew could always rely on him, regardless of the situation at hand.

Throughout his journey, Brother Mrus held various positions within the firefighting community. Though he eventually retired as an Assistant Chief, he spent numerous years as a Shift Captain, leading a team that knew they could depend on his leadership and experience. His dedication to his role and his crew fostered an environment of trust and unity, ensuring effective operations and the safety of both firefighters and the public they served.

Beyond his contributions to the firefighting profession, John Mrus played a significant role in the establishment of Howland Professional Firefighters Local 2786. As a founding member, he signed the certificate of affiliation on August 20, 1980. His visionary leadership and commitment to the betterment of the union and fire department laid the groundwork for the success and accomplishments they have achieved today. The legacy of Brother Mrus will forever be intertwined with the growth and prosperity of the union and fire department he helped shape.

The loss of John Mrus is deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing and working alongside him. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to the field of emergency services leave an indelible mark on the profession and the lives he touched. As the firefighting community mourns the passing of this exceptional individual, they find solace in the memories, lessons, and enduring legacy that John Mrus leaves behind. May he rest in peace, knowing that his contributions have made a lasting impact on the firefighting community and the lives he dedicated himself to serving.

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