John Nasshan Death Las Vegas, KUNV Campus radio staff has died

John Nasshan Death, Obituary – On Thursday, July 13, 2018, Public Radio KUNV said goodbye to a wonderful personality, real human being, and exceptional skill. John Nasshan will be sorely missed by everyone. John took the decision, more than three decades ago, to make KUNV his home, and he succeeded in doing so. Opened up the studio to members of the local community, as well as artists, musicians, and anybody else who had something significant to impart. In order to regale them with tales, enlighten them with information, stimulate discussion, and make them feel at home.

Listen in your vehicle, at work, at home, on your smart speaker, online or through the KUNV app on Friday morning (July 14) at 10 a.m. (PST). A one-of-a-kind program in John’s honor will be hosted by Kim Linzy. After This is finished, the KUNV Jazz countdown that John was supposed to make will begin. Both through his podcast series “The Morning Groove” and as one of the many original benefactors of the KUNV Endowment, John will continue to have a significant effect on the organization.

Our thoughts and prayers, as well as our sympathies, are with his family, his friends, and everyone else who was impacted by his loss recently. John was definitely one of the right people. As we say our final goodbyes to John, we raise our glasses, close our eyes, and offer a toast to his memory.  I want you to know that the departure of one of our dearest friends and fellow artists, John Nasshan, has left me with a heavy heart, and it is with much difficulty that I convey these emotions.

Getting John to pick up the drums and the other percussion instruments again was a lot of fun for all of us, but especially for John. A few of weeks ago, our group put on a terrific show for the community. Magdalena Brandon, the lady he treasured more than anything else in the world, was the source of a great deal of happiness for him.

The idea of going to see Diana Krall on a double date was so exciting that we couldn’t contain our enthusiasm. All of his followers on 91.5 and the musicians whose lives he touched will miss him, and so will the other musicians. He himself will also be missed by his peers in the music industry. Exert a little bit more affection, and hug just a little bit more tightly.

There are no assurances that tomorrow will go as planned. During this challenging period, Magdalena will be aware of our unending love and support for her.I hope you have a restful night, my brother. Till we meet again…..

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