Kimberly Baker Obituary, Kimberly Baker Has Passed Away At Age 54

Kimberly Baker Death, Obituary – On July 11th, 2023, Kimberly Baker, who was 54 years old and from Harristown, passed away in a tranquil and peaceful manner. On the evening of Thursday, July 20, 2023, commencing at 5:00 PM and continuing until 7:00 PM, a gathering in memory of the departed person will take place at the Brintlinger and Earl Funeral Home in Decatur.

The event will begin at that time and continue until 7:00 PM. The burial, which will be held privately for the family, will take place in the Boiling Springs Cemetery in Decatur. The location has not yet been determined. Kimberly’s birthday is November 25th, and her parents are Linda (Batte) Binnicker and George West.

She was born on November 25th, 1968. The 25th of November in 1968 is Kimberly’s birth date. She spent the first few years of her life in Lakeland, Florida. She never turned down an opportunity to take part in any of the pursuits that her husband and children were engaged in, since she placed the utmost importance on the time that she was able to devote to her family (her husband, her children, and herself).

Kimberly placed the utmost value on the role of mother she played in her life. In addition to that, Mountain Dew was another one of her most favored drinks to drink. She is survived by her children, Kaylee Baker and Emily Baker; her best friend, Jason Baker; her mother, Linda Binnicker (Gary); her brothers, Rodney (Stacey) Hagan and Thomas Hagan; and a great number of nieces and nephews.

She was a beloved daughter, sister, and friend. She was a devoted mother who would be sorely mourned by her family and friends. Not only is her brother-in-law Jason Baker one of her closest friends, but he also counts himself as a member of her immediate family.

Her father, George West, and her son, Brandon Bischoff, both perished away before she did. Kimberly is the only kid that her parents have ever had.

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