Larry Stone Obituary Lenexa, KS In Loving Memory of Larry Stone

Larry Stone Obituary, Death – After a valiant and protracted fight against Parkinson’s disease, Laurence Bevan Stone lost his battle with the illness on June 13, 2023. After receiving the diagnosis, he fought the illness at every step and lived his life to the fullest possible extent. He owed a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Skomorowski (and Dr. Wulf, who came before him) and the rest of the staff at Central Ohio Medicine / Central Ohio Primary treatment for the outstanding medical treatment that they provided him. Larry was born and raised in New Jersey, which he frequently referred to as “a good place to be from.”

He came to the Midwest after he was warmly welcomed at Michigan State University, where he studied in radio and television. Larry was born in New Jersey and grew up there. There, he became acquainted with the woman who would later become his wife, Linda, and started out on a professional path that was both novel and thrilling. MSU and its public television station WKAR have always had a particular place in his heart, and he has frequently visited the university over the years. These visits have included multiple trips to Grandparents University with his grandchildren in the 2010s, and he was awarded Outstanding Alumni status in 2018.

At Michigan State University, he was awarded both a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in education. After graduating from college, he began his career in television working as a cameraman and director. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to Athens, Ohio, where he took a position as the Director of Instructional Television and Radio. After that, a new firm in Columbus, Ohio, named Video Record, in which he planned to serve as CEO, recruited him. In the early 1970s, this innovative business began recording video depositions for use in legal proceedings, which was decades ahead of its time.

Larry was disheartened when his company, Video Record, was shut down by its investors just as it was beginning to produce a profit, but he was able to convert adversity into opportunity by being picked in 1976 to begin what would become his most significant professional accomplishment. Larry established the benchmark for judicial education in the state of Ohio when he founded and served as the first Executive Director of the Ohio Judicial College. This standard is still used today. In spite of the fact that he was not a lawyer (a fact that he was quick to point out), he learned a great deal about the law and how it is used in judicial settings, and he discovered the finest resources to teach these topics to judges all throughout the state.

Because of how effective he was at this, he was invited to share his expertise on a trip to China in 1988 as well as six trips to the Ukraine, which he holds dear to his heart. There, he contributed to the establishment of a judicial education program for the Supreme Court of Ukraine. His house is still adorned with a Ukrainian flag to show his continued support for the courageous people of that country and their resistance to attack.

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