Lynne Poorman Obituary, Sales Manager/Owner of Loudoun Communications has died

Lynne Poorman Obituary, Death – Lynne Poorman, who had been the Sales Manager of Loudoun Communications, Inc. and the Owner of the company, passed suddenly on Friday, July 14, 2023. Her passing came as a shock to everyone. It is imperative that this information, which is accompanied by our deepest condolences, be shared with everyone as soon as possible. Lynne has been an essential part of the Loudoun organization ever since 2004, when she was the driving force behind the formation of the very first Loudoun Sales team. She was the one who was in charge of putting together the team in the first place.

Her efforts that she made over the course of the years have been a big influence in the growth of Loudoun into what it is now. Her contributions to the community have been invaluable. Because of her contributions, it has developed into what it is now; therefore, you should appreciate her for that. Lynne’s mother Phyllis, her son Andrew and his wife Arielle, her son Matthew and his wife Morgan, and her grandchildren Audrey and Asher are the only surviving members of Lynne’s direct family. Her other son Matthew and his wife Morgan and her grandson Matthew also have living spouses and children.

Her other son Matthew and her other son’s wife Morgan are both still alive and well. Matthew, her second son, and Morgan, his wife, were both able to survive after the demise of their mother. Her cherished nieces Stephanie and Natalie, in addition to a big number of other members of her family, including her nephew Jeff, her sister-in-law JoAnn, and her other nieces and nephews. Her sister-in-law JoAnn also has a great number of nieces and nephews. JoAnn, who is her sister-in-law, is another person who is significant in her life. She was married to Edward Poorman,

who passed away before she did but continued to be her spouse after her passing. Before Lynne passed away, her husband had already left this world. As a result of the fact that Loudoun Communications is a family-owned and operated company, each and every one of us here at Loudoun Communications has experienced a tremendous sense of loss and grief as a direct result of the unfortunate event that took place. The particulars of a memorial service will be made public as soon as any outstanding issues are dealt with, which should take only a short amount of time after the planning of the ceremony has been completed.

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