Madison WI Shooting, Madison Shooting Suspect Sought; Life-Threatening Injuries

Madison WI Shooting –  As the investigation into the shooting by the Madison Police Department continues to gather evidence, a victim who was shot Thursday afternoon sustained life-threatening injuries. During a news conference held at the location of the incident, Chief Shon Barnes of the MPD stated that the person who was shot was involved in an interpersonal argument; however, he did not disclose any other information on what detectives suspect may have occurred.

After the gunshot, witnesses said they observed a possible victim laying on the ground. Barnes stated that gun violence presents a severe risk, while the police have stated that they do not yet know the status of the victim. “There were people out here today, there were families, there were children, it was in the daytime, and it’s the summertime, and no one should have to endure this,” Barnes said. “No one should have to endure this.”

It was brought to his attention that the activity level at the Harmony at Grandview Common Apartments is still rather high. He mentioned that cops were working as quickly as they could due to the rain that was starting to pour, which was something that he pointed out. According to Barnes, there is currently no one in custody in connection with the incident. However, he did clarify that they do not feel there is a threat to the broader population.

At around 3:10 in the afternoon, police were dispatched to the apartment complex that is located close to the intersection of Milwaukee Street and Milky Way. A significant number of patrol cars from the MPD arrived in short order, and the department’s Violent Crime Unit is now in charge of the investigation. It was seen that law enforcement officers were drawing their weapons before entering one of the building’s garages. After some time had passed, a huge white tent was erected all around the garage.

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