Marie Thompson Obituary Sanders Griffin GA, Black Smoke coffee staff has died

Marie Thompson Death, Obituary – This incredible woman right here is deserving of all the praise that can possibly be showered upon her. I still can’t believe I’m sitting here writing this at this very moment…. Today, I said goodbye to a friend who was also a member of my family. The news that Marie Thompson Sanders had been killed in an automobile accident early this morning is still difficult to accept. Never before has one person done so much for everyone in her immediate environment.

Marie’s straightforward kind character affected everyone of us in a unique manner; nonetheless, if you had the privilege of meeting her, she undoubtedly left an impression on your life, no matter how big or how little. For me, Marie was essential in developing my backbone, helping me “come out of my shell” (as she put it), assisting me in establishing my own ground to stand on, and assisting me in being fearless in my preparation for the maturity that lied ahead of me.

In addition to this, Marie never missed a chance to offer assistance to a person who was in need and would do so whenever she could. Marie and Mark took the region and people around them by surprise when they developed a business for the purpose of assisting others, standing up for what was right, and providing a welcoming place for people to go when circumstances went bad.

Most people build a business for their own personal benefit, but Marie and Mark built their business together. They have been there for us, and Marie has contributed in some manner to taking care of all of us. The time has come for us to show this woman the utmost respect that we have. More will follow very soon; in the meanwhile, my love and hugs go out to you all, especially Marie.

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