Mark Firmani Obituary Lynn Massachusetts, Mark Firmani has died

Mark Firmani Death, Obituary – It is with deep regret that I must share such disheartening news with you at this time, but unfortunately, that is all the information I can provide. Mark Firmani was an amazing person to be around, a wonderful friend and coworker, and an even more amazing father to his son, Taz.

It was a blessing for Taz to have him for a dad. Taz was blessed with the opportunity to call Mark his father, which was an honor and a pleasure in its own right. When God gave Taz the chance to have him as a parent, God rewarded him in a way that cannot be equated to monetary value. Taz’s blessing cannot be quantified in this way.

At this present moment, each and every member of the Firmani family is actively engaged in various disciplines relating to meditation and devotion. At this point, this is something that has been going on for a substantial length of time already. At the church that the Firmani family frequently visits, prayers are currently being offered.

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