Mark Griffis Obituary, Polk County, FL, Mark Griffis Has Died

Mark Griffis Obituary, Death – It is evident from the heartfelt posts that Dawn Goers and Stephh Diane Greenwood are mourning the loss of someone named Mark Griffis. Mark’s passing has deeply affected both of them, as well as many others who loved him. The posts express their grief and the shock they feel at the sudden departure of someone dear to them.

Dawn Goers, in her post, shares her disbelief and sorrow over losing Mark, whom she refers to as her son. She finds solace in the belief that he is now in heaven, alongside Joshua and Poppy, likely other loved ones who have passed away. Dawn cherishes the memories of Mark always expressing his love for her, highlighting the special bond they shared. She expresses her deep sense of loss and the fact that Mark and his sons were always there for each other. She concludes her post with a heartfelt rest-in-peace message to her beloved son and requests prayers for Mark’s family and all those who loved him.

Stephh Diane Greenwood, in her post, acknowledges the sad news of Mark’s passing and describes it as a loss that is felt deeply. She reflects on Mark’s character, stating that he was the one who offered her advice for her husband, implying that he was a source of wisdom and support. Stephh recognizes Mark as a good soul and expresses her sadness at his untimely departure. She mentions missing his social media posts, particularly related to football, even though she personally dislikes the sport. She concludes her message by asking for prayers for Mark’s family, emphasizing the need for collective support during this difficult time.

These posts provide a glimpse into the emotional impact Mark Griffis had on the lives of those who knew him. It is evident that his presence and the love he shared with others will be deeply missed. The outpouring of condolences and prayers from friends and loved ones reflects the collective grief and the desire to support Mark’s family during this challenging period.

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