Marlon Boyd Obituary Seattle, Marlon Boyd Has died in a shooting

Marlon Boyd Death, Obituary – Dear little brother, you have suffered a significant setback. You know, before I joined the Anderson/Boyd clan, I had never experienced a family quite like the one they had. And the brothers that I got were the greatest gift, next to the children that I was able to have. After I broke the news to them, the first thing that the boys said to me was, “Uncle Marlon always loved us like his own kids.” You loved each and every one of us in the same way, just as if we were your own. Always.

You kept me responsible to a standard of behavior through that period that I will always be thankful for, and you informed me that no matter what, I would always be a Boyd. Even when circumstances changed for me and your brother, you held me accountable to that level of behavior. You knew @flightylefty back when we were all rising up in the West together, and you came up with him. This was a long time before Mike and I were married.

Even before there was a piece of paper or even blood to prove it, we were always considered to be family. You and your family made us feel at home and included us straight away every time we visited. Those deeds will not be forgotten under any circumstances. This is a difficult situation, hermano, but I promise you that we will honor you and carry your name on in our lives and in our rituals. You will never be forgotten over here. Our thoughts and prayers are with Shantel, the babies, and the rest of the family at this difficult time. Love has never been lost between them, and that won’t begin to change now.

Rise before the dawn to recite your prayers, ladies and gentlemen. Exhibit your affection at every opportunity since the only thing we have is this particular second.
Defend what is holy and honor life, since protecting what is holy and honoring life makes it possible to love.
#honorlife Sending my Anderson and Boyd family lots of love and light. Sending up prayers for the health of our younger brother.

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