Matthew Hervey Obituary, 18-year-old killed in Indio graduation party shooting

Matthew Hervey Obituary, Death – An investigation led to the positive identification of Matthew Hervey, an 18-year-old guy from Thousand Palms, as the person who was struck by a bullet at a graduation ceremony in Indio. The ceremony took place at a high school. Hervey was shot in the head, which ultimately led to his death. It was found by the Riverside County Coroner’s Office that the person who had passed away was, in fact, the victim of the criminal act.

Benjamin Guitron, who is employed as a spokesperson for the Indio Police Department, said that officers responded to accusations of gunshot at approximately midnight on July 8 within the gated enclave of Bella Vida at Shadow Hills, which can be found on the 41-900 block of Napoli Street. Indio’s southern corner is where the place in question can be found, according to the description. Indio is the name of the place where the neighborhood in question can be found.

The fact that Hervey had already passed away was confirmed by the medical personnel that were currently working at the scene of the incident. It was discovered that three additional victims, all of whom have only been identified as females, were suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. These victims were sent to local hospitals for treatment once it was discovered that their injuries were not life threatening. The earlier gunshot did not cause the injuries that they suffered; rather, those injuries were caused by something else. Every single one of the victims was a woman.

There was not a single male victim. According to the information that Guitron has provided, one of the injuries that she got was a rather mild gunshot wound to the thigh. This wound was one of the ones that she ended up obtaining as a result of the incident.The Indio Police Department released a news release on Monday in which it stated that its investigators did not yet have a strong grasp of the events that led up to the incident, nor did they have any suspect information. The statement was made in reference to the fact that they did not have any suspect information. In addition to this, the report indicated that the department did not possess any information regarding the potential suspects. This declaration was made in relation to the fact that they did not have any information that may be construed as being suspicious.

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