Melissa Barthelemy Murder Gilgo Beach, Melissa Barthelemy found dead, Suspect in Custody

Melissa Barthelemy Murder, Obituary – According to an article that was published on Friday, authorities have detained a person of interest in connection with the terrible killings of up to ten women that took place on Long Island’s Gilgo Beach. The story states that authorities were able to locate and apprehend the suspect.
After getting confirmation of the arrest from a number of different sources, News 12 Long Island reported that First Avenue in Massapequa Park had “just been flooded with police.

“According to the website, neither the State Police nor the Suffolk County Police who were there at the scene verified the arrest despite the fact that they were present. This is despite the fact that both of these police forces were present. News 12 did not reveal the identity of the person who is suspected of conducting “one of the most intense, prolific searches for a serial killer ever,” nor did it provide any information on the circumstances that led up to the supposed breakthrough in the investigation.

In addition, News 12 did not offer any details on the alleged events that led up to the breakthrough in the investigation. Who do you believe is to responsible for all that has taken place here, in your opinion?

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