Mikala Jones Obituary, Renowned Hawaii Surfer Dies in Tragic Surfing Accident

Mikala Jones Obituary, Death – Mikala Jones, a renowned Hawaii surfer, tragically passed away while surfing at a remote, secret wave off the Mentawai Islands. He was 44 years old at the time of his death. The incident occurred when Jones’ surfboard fin accidentally cut his femoral artery, causing significant blood loss. Despite efforts to save him, including the application of a tourniquet and a race to the nearest hospital, which was over 45 minutes away, Jones unfortunately did not survive.

Jones had a lifelong passion for surfing, starting at a young age of 7 or 8. He began competing in the 12-and-under age group, where he displayed exceptional talent and even won two national championships as an amateur. Over the years, he attracted sponsors and had the opportunity to travel to renowned surf spots around the world, including Tahiti, Fiji, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands.

In the 1990s, Jones pioneered a unique style of surf photography. He attached a camera to his board using a fabric fastener and held it under his chin while paddling out to the waves. Once he was in position, he would grab the camera and capture stunning first-person images of himself riding the waves. With the invention of GoPro cameras, he adopted them for his photography and became sponsored by the company. Jones used specialized software to stitch together images from multiple cameras, creating immersive 360-degree views.

Jones’ Instagram account showcased breathtaking images of waves curling around him, with glimpses of sunsets or sunrises visible through the opening of the waves. His talent and creativity earned him the admiration of many, including legendary Hawaii surf photographer Woody Woodworth, who described Jones’ work as the best overall surf photo he had ever seen.

Surfboard fin cuts are unfortunately not uncommon in the surfing world. Some surfers prefer to keep their fins sharp, believing it helps them ride waves more precisely. However, the combination of a sharp fin and the immense power of a wave can result in severe injuries, as experienced in Jones’ case. Woodworth emphasized that the fins used in surfing are sharp and pointy enough to easily slice into someone’s leg due to the force of the waves.

Friends and acquaintances of Jones remember him as a humble and positive individual who always had a smile on his face. He was known for his dedication to surfing and his relentless pursuit of the perfect wave and barrel. Jones grew up on Oahu, with world-class waves like Pipeline, Rocky Point, and V-Land in his backyard. He honed his skills on these challenging breaks, gaining expertise in handling waves of consequence.

Jones had a deep love for exploring secret surf spots in Indonesia, always in search of new adventures and incredible waves. He kept the locations undisclosed, maintaining the integrity of these hidden gems. His friends and fellow surfers spoke highly of his exceptional talent and infectious enthusiasm. They admired his commitment to documenting his experiences without revealing secret spots, showcasing his status as a gentleman surfer.

The untimely passing of Mikala Jones is a significant loss for the close-knit surfing community, particularly on Oahu’s North Shore. His death follows the recent tragedies of other surfers, including Larry Haynes and Kalani David, which have deeply affected the surfing community.

Jones is survived by his wife Emma Brereton and their two daughters, Bella and Violet. The family splits their time between homes in Bali, Indonesia, and Hawaii. In addition to his immediate family, Jones is also survived by his father, an older sister, and two younger brothers. Sadly, his mother, Violet Jones-Medusky, passed away in 2011.

The surfing world mourns the loss of Mikala Jones, remembering him as a talented surfer, a trailblazing photographer, and a genuinely kind and humble individual. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of surfers and photographers alike.

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