Motorcycle Accident NC, Collision kills two, police say

Alleghany County Motorcycle Accident –  According to officials, a collision that occurred on Wednesday in Alleghany County resulted in the deaths of two persons. One of the victims was a teenager. The collision took place on Highway 21 close to Deer Haven Road at around six o’clock in the evening, as reported by the State Highway Patrol. After crossing the centerline, a sport utility vehicle that was traveling in the southern direction collided head-on with a motorcycle.

Travis Ryan Ferguson, who was driving the motorcycle, was 49 years old, and Shelly Delynn Pittman, who was his passenger, was 47 years old. Both were from Raleigh. According to the troopers, both were pronounced dead at the site. Gavin Mikhail Mustin, who was driving the SUV at the time of the accident and was only 16 years old, walked away unharmed. According to the authorities, he has been charged with two charges of involuntary manslaughter by car.

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